This is the website of the Dutch:
 'HCC Retro User Group' formerly know as the NewBrain Usergroup





How to repair a NewBrain?
A realy great site of Thomas Gutmeier about how to repair a NewBrain.


NewBrain Bot

The NewBrain u.g has been active for a number of years with electronics and robotics. The idea of a NewBrain controled car has been mentioned a couple of times, and now the idea has been finaly pickedup. In a matter of just a few months the NewBrain has changed from just an idea into a real working robot.

It is a Braitenberg vehicle and this machine is also called the NewBrai(n)tenberg vehicle.

De NewBrain Bot has been designed and built by Abraham Vreugdenhil. Development is realy going fast at the moment. Below you can see a first picture and a small movie 



For more information see the NewBrainBot_Page




HCC: This stands for 'Hobby Computer Club'.
It is the biggest computer club in the world with about 180,000 members.
There are many user groups with different interests within the HCC. The NewBrain User group has a modest 180 members.
Only a small part of this website has been translated into English.

If you have got any queries regarding the NewBrain, please don't hesitate to contact us.




The last update took place on 16-06-2015